5 Texas 21, No. 1. 2 Florida 32 2 Oklahoma 14 Michel atoned for the miscue as his 27-yard sprint in the second overtime sent the Bulldogs to the national title game. "We were determined," Bowden said, "somebody was going to win that game.". 2 Ohio State 31, No. Arkansas 53, at No. No. The Tigers would finish the season a perfect 8-0. 7 Clemson 17, No. Namath didn't start because of a knee injury, but he came off the bench to throw for 255 yards with two TDs to earn MVP honors. The Tigers lost to Bama 55-0 in 1948, which was the first Iron Bowl in 41 years, and entered the season finale with only one win. While practicing for the Vols, Leahy decided to incorporate a play out of the Tennessee playbook. 12 Oklahoma State 28 But then Broncos head coach Chris Petersen called the Statue of Liberty. Wildcats quarterback Michael Bishop had 446 yards of offense with four touchdowns, and Jeff Kelly's 24-yard TD return of an Eric Crouch fumble with three seconds left sealed it for Kansas State, which improved to 10-0 under Bill Snyder. No. Scott spun to the left sideline and won a footrace to glory. The No. 2 Iowa Pre-Flight 13 Down 31-14 late in the first half, Georgia rushed its way back into the semifinal thriller. The NCAA did not act on the 1980 vacation. The team that the Irish beat the week before, Florida State, went on to win the national championship. Nov. 8, 1997 I mean tie," was Bowden's postgame Freudian slip. Yankee Stadium, New York, Nov. 9, 1946 2 Clemson 35, No. The last prayer -- the Prayer at Jordan-Hare -- was answered. Enter your email and we'll send you exclusive predictions and analysis. Trailing 45-39 with the ball at the SMU 41 on the final play, BYU quarterback Jim McMahon threw a Hail Mary pass, which somehow ended up in the arms of tight end Clay Brown. No. 35. Rose Bowl, Jan. 1, 2005 About halfway there, he fumbled the ball. It was the first in what would be a handful of haunting FSU losses to the Hurricanes. Live TV is the runaway favorite for games, even as a plurality of younger Americans are streaming sports. 39. Arkansas 50, at No. Colorado claimed a share of the national championship with the win over Notre Dame, but the game is remembered for a touchdown that didn't count. 29. Nov. 30, 1905 A tweak in clock operating procedures is likely the first step. Sugar Bowl, Jan. 1, 1941 At No. 115. Modern North American football has its origins in various games, all known as "football", played at public schools in England in the mid-19th century.By the 1840s, students at Rugby School were playing a game in which players were able to pick up the ball and run with it, a sport later known as Rugby football. 2 Seminoles hit Gators quarterback Danny Wuerffel early and often, sacking him six times and forcing him to throw three interceptions. Nov. 18, 1967 It was through college football play that American football rules first gained popularity in the United States.. 1: Michigan 72.91 percent. Fiesta Bowl, Jan. 3, 2003 Quarterback Bob Williams faked a handoff inside to bruising fullback Nick Pietrosante before pitching to Dick Lynch. Can potentially be played twice in one season, with rematch in the respective conference championship game. 2 Alabama 45, No. * Conference Games qualifier is Feb 28th, 4:00PM. 1 Florida State 24 1 Florida State 46, No. 19. Mississippi State forfeited 1976 and 1977 games, which by NCAA guidelines are changed to Ole Miss wins. Kurt Kragthorpe remembers the afternoon at Kyle Field when Texas and Texas A&M came together to honor the Aggie students who lost their lives during a bonfire tragedy. Columbia 7, Stanford 0 For every 2.6 years of play, the risk of developing CTE doubles. Four plays later, Florida State's Richie Andrews kicked the winning 19-yard field goal. Please be aware that non-FBS players may show for some stats, due to a technical issue. 1 Seminoles 52-20 in the Sugar Bowl to win the school's first national championship. The No. Down to its last prayer, on fourth-and-18 on its 27-yard line with 36 seconds to play, Auburn sent Ricardo Louis deep. Disputed series record: Kansas State claims Kansas leads the series lead 63515, based on a game that the Big Eight conference ruled Kansas had to vacate in 1980. 7 Florida State 31 25. Pat Haden tossed a 38-yard TD pass to J.K. McKay with 2:03 left. Oct. 31, 1959 Watts-Jackson recovered; Michigan still suffers. It was the debut of TV instant replay. Give it a try, it's free! But Notre Dame had one more game, and after taking guff for a week, the Irish walloped USC, 51-0. 3 Ohio State 17 The Black Knights had a 6-0 record. The Razorbacks converted a fourth-and-25 when Brandon Allen completed a pass to Hunter Henry, who flung the ball backward, and Alex Collins picked it up on the bounce and then ran it for a 31-yard gain. Cannon fielded the punt against the wishes of Tigers head coach Paul Dietzel, then broke seven tackles as he raced down the sideline in front of the Rebels' bench. No. 5. 5 Oregon 42 In the fourth quarter with the score 14-14, on fourth down from the TCU 39, the Mustangs' Bob Finley went back to punt but instead threw a touchdown pass to Bobby Wilson. 6 Hurricanes had a 31-0 lead at halftime at the Orange Bowl. The 1980 game is disputed between both sides, however most say that Kansas forfeited the game giving a win for Iowa State. Riegels stunning move created a big head start, but his teammate Benny Lom chased him down and tackled him. Municipal Stadium, Philadelphia, Dec. 2, 1950 At Marshall 15, Xavier 13 26. Only Rockne knew whether Gipp actually asked him to one day, when things were wrong and the breaks were beating the boys, ask his team to win just one for the Gipper. ", 114. 12 Michigan 24, No. 5 Baylor 61, No. The Huskers celebrated on the field when Colt McCoy's pass sailed out of bounds and the clock ran to to all zeros on the previous play. . The most recent contest came last season at the Shriners College Classic, which Texas took 6-1. And the . Forget that 6-foot-8 Trojan Bill Hayhoe blocked that extra point, as he had done with two field goals earlier in the game. No. On the last play of the game, fourth . Georgia recognizes a 1904 game as its first game against Florida, thus according to Georgia there have been 101 games of which Georgia has won 55. Kansas claims a very narrow interpretation of NCAA statistical guidelines that don't reference games that conference committees vacate. The first meeting of the traditional powers was nothing short of thrilling. The stories about USC being the greatest team ever? Choke at Doak. 3 Alabama 23 1 Georgia in the Sugar Bowl for the national championship (No. Lehigh and Lafayette are members of the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS). Nov. 24, 1973 2 Cornell left Memorial Field with a 7-3 win or so everyone thought. 1 Penn State 7 Individual and Team Statistics (Old System, ending 2012; All Divisions) Previous years' statistics. No. The Sooners hadn't lost since the Irish beat them, 28-21, in the 1953 opener. Orange Bowl, Jan. 1, 1991 TCU backup Chico Mendoza blocked the extra point after Brown's third touchdown. Developer: Level Ready Games. 52. Notre Dame 7, at No. Colorado's Chris Brown ran for three touchdowns. Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback Jameis Winston rallied the Seminoles back from an 18-point deficit and threw the winning 2-yard touchdown to Kelvin Benjamin with 13 seconds left in the last BCS National Championship. For one thing, only seven of the top 30 games took place in the past 30 years. Nov. 9, 1907 Fans of both schools remember one of the most famous games in Iron Bowl history by three words: "Punt, Bama, Punt." Connelly's C-USA preview, part 2: Which returning teams could rule new-look league? 70. Parseghian rode off on his players' shoulders after Reggie Barnett's interception of Tide QB Richard Todd with under two minutes left sealed it. No. The offenses combined for 968 total yards. 107. 6 Army 20 2 Florida. Notre Dame took the ball at its 30 and Parseghian ran out the clock. Forty-two players became ill. 3 Wolverines led 17-7 in the third quarter, but the No. College Football Playoff titles: 1. 110. The big, bad Hurricanes swaggered into the Valley of the Sun. 74. 2 Virginia Tech 29 But the Nittany Lions, leading 49-35 with 1:55 left in the third quarter, lost their mojo. Mike Krysl played for Willie Fritz at Central Missouri, coordinated special teams for him at Georgia Southern, and will now coach special teams again at Tulane. NOTE: The stats on this page include data ONLY from games involving two FBS schools. Dec. 2, 1989 13 Tennessee 35, at No. No. Nov. 4, 2000 The original "Game of the Century" between the Western Conference rivals was played on Thanksgiving Day. Americansparticularly Black Americanssupport allowing college athletes to profit off their name, image, and likeness (known widely as NIL). He won 50 games of 53 games played for a .943 winning percentage. The Canes had seven turnovers. Sanders ran for 215 yards with two touchdowns. 24. Thanksgiving is known for the three F's - food, family, and football. For another, Nick Saban has coached only six of the 22 Alabama games listed below. The teams broke 11 Rose Bowl records. 13 Michigan 37 on pace for at least 1 Alabama 31 But the Nittany Lions' defensive wizardry tricked 'Canes QB Vinny Testaverde into throwing five interceptions, including the game-sealer to LB Shane Conlin late in the fourth quarter. The NCAA . Nov. 10, 1984 A panel of 150 media members, athletic administrators and former players and coaches selected these games from 202 finalists initially identified by ESPN's Stats & Information group. The Miami at season's end played much tougher than the Miami of September. We present them here for purely educational purposes. [a], Series listed here are not necessarily continuous series, and several of the series listed below were ended (or interrupted) by either the 20102014 NCAA conference realignment or the COVID-19 pandemic. Stewart threw the ball more than 70 yards in the air. No. Football is US: The College Player 2 Army to five first downs and only 137 total yards in front of President Harry S. Truman and 101,000 others in attendance. Nov. 12, 1994 Columbia used the play, a hidden-ball reverse, in which Cliff Montgomery handed off to Al Barabas in the first quarter and gained 25 yards. Professional gamers inspire people to play. 17 Boston College 41, at No. 4 Georgia 28 But the Tigers won the game with a goal-line stand. 20 Ole Miss 32 4 team and then beating Alabama in the . -- Ivan Maisel. No. Marvin Griffin threatened not to allow the Yellow Jackets to play in the game because Pitt's roster included Bobby Grier, who was black. Nov. 2, 1935 Trojans quarterback Matt Leinart pushed and spun his way into the end zone -- with help from tailback Reggie Bush and a few more teammates -- to score a 1-yard touchdown with three seconds left. 11 Auburn 30, No. Maryland coach Bobby Ross started backup quarterback Frank Reich in the second half, and the Terrapins responded with six straight touchdowns to take a 42-34 lead. 108. No. 148. This included a win over Michigan. 57. 1 Texas 15, at No. It was Notre Dame's second-ever bowl game. For nearly two decades, the elite refused to answer. Soldier Field, Chicago, Nov. 26, 1927 in the 2005 Big 12 Championship game . For his WSU career, he played in 34 games with 53 tackles and eight . Most seasons, 4,000 or more total yards. After Miami rallied from a 16-point deficit to take the lead late, FSU pulled within one with 42 seconds to go. Rocket Ismail took a punt back 91 yards for a score with 43 seconds left to jolt the Fighting Irish into the apparent lead, but a clipping call wiped the play out. 2 Texas 41, No. * Last 4 Weeks qualifier is No. Nov. 20, 1993 Orange Bowl, Jan. 1, 1965 * Vs. TR Top 40 qualifier is Invite teams and schedule non-conference games. The Los Angeles Lakers center won three consecutive NBA championships between 1975 and 1977. No. But FSU QB Danny Kanell, nearly benched, threw for 232 yards and a TD in the fourth to rally the Noles. 9 Boise State 43, No. 1 Ohio State 13 Our reasoning for presenting offensive logos. So much had to happen to set the table for the Kick Six. The next day the referee sent a telegram to Dartmouth apologizing for the error. Hunter Lawrence booted a 46-yard field goal on the final play of the game after a review put one second back on the clock. The No. All season long, ESPN will celebrate the 150th anniversary of college football. Revenue of the NCAA from 2012 to 2021, by segment (in million U.S. dollars) Basic Statistic. 1 Army 0, No. 3 USC 17, No. 1 Texas 0 27. on pace for at least Northwest Championship also involves Oregon State and Washington State. 3 Penn State 15, No. [103], Minimum one punt return and one kickoff return. The Wolverines nearly rallied to win a day after legendary Michigan coach Bo Schembechler died. Most games gaining 400 yards or more, career FBS: 21 . No. Fourth Downs per Game. At No. The Lehigh-Lafayette rivalry, known as "The Rivalry," is the most-played in Division I at 157 games. Most-played rivalry that is currently non-conference. Sept. 24, 1994 111. 56. Sept. 24, 1977 into CBS's microphone; when the Eagles accepted the Cotton Bowl's invitation; when Flutie won the 1984 Heisman; when in 2008 Boston College erected a statue of Flutie, shoulders angled as if throwing this very pass: Maybe then we grasped the full meaning of this Hail Mary. Ole Miss vacated 2012 and 2014 wins against Mississippi State which are removed from its win totals, but not added to Mississippi State's win totals. The Razorbacks and Rebels battled for more than four hours in a seven-overtime thriller that wasn't decided until Arkansas' Jermaine Petty stopped Ole Miss tight end Doug Zeigler 2 yards short of the goal line in the final OT. His 57-yard field goal attempt had to fall into the waiting arms of Chris Davis. LSU is just 2-7 in its last nine games in Austin, most recently suffering a sweep in 2019. No. After so many near misses, FSU coach Bobby Bowden finally won his first national championship in his 18th season with the Seminoles. They stalked out of a steak fry honoring both teams in part because a Penn State player told a racially tinged joke. 5 Michigan 10 Carlisle, the nation's flagship university for Native Americans, used myriad trick plays -- forward passes (legalized two years earlier), an 85-yard, stop-and-go punt return and a quarterback run off a fake handoff -- to end a 10-game losing streak to the Crimson. The Gamecocks came storming back and scored 27 straight points to take the lead with 1:48 remaining. That capped a two-touchdown comeback in the final 6:42. 141. Coach Howard Jones took the USC team to visit Knute Rockne's grave after the game. NCAA procedures require that the winning team adjust its record to remove a win that is vacated. QB Bobby Lackey threw the winning score for the Horns. The Hokies rallied from a 28-7 deficit to take a 29-28 lead in the fourth quarter behind Vick, who ran for 97 yards with one touchdown and passed for 225 yards with one score. 4 Tennessee 13 "It was just a nightmare," coach Rich Rodriguez said. Women's football was not added until 1996. 1 Tennessee 28, No. 2 Buckeyes came back and forced overtime with a 23-yard field goal with one second left in regulation. Nov. 20, 1982 2023 Conference USA college football preview, part 2 Western Kentucky, Middle Tennessee and Louisiana Tech look to defend Conference USA's honor from a crop of newcomers. 3 Texas 13, No. 98. Archived National Statistics Rankings (since 1999) Archived National Statistics Rankings (prior to 2000) Archived Division II and III Team/Player National Ranking Summary (2001-07; after 2007 is included in the archived rankings link above) Where . 1 Fighting Irish their only loss of the season and cost them an undisputed national title with a stunning loss in the finale. At No. 50. Nov. 30, 2013 Both set school records. At No. The Buckeyes did, and the game continued. Nov. 16, 1940 8 Syracuse 27 USC thought it went ahead, 8-7, late in the third quarter when Notre Dame back Charles Riley fumbled an interception near the Irish goal line and the ball rolled out of the end zone. The Tide stuffed Matt Suhey on third down, and after the offensive coaches convinced Paterno to ignore his gut instinct to pass, Tide linebacker Barry Krauss knocked Mike Guman back on fourth down. Aug 7, 2019 at 2:47 pm ET 14 min read. Navy 14, No. Virginia. The Cowboys went ahead by 17 points in the third quarter. Nov. 16, 2013 Oct. 23, 1937 before the collection of division records. Great Lakes Navy Training 19, No. Between those scores, USC head coach Pete Carroll went for fourth-and-2 near midfield. The Canes' bravado didn't hold up against the Nittany Lion defense, which harassed Heisman winner Vinny Testaverde into throwing five picks, the last on fourth down at the Penn State end zone in the final seconds. 15 Nebraska 0 But the debate about whether Penn State, with a 21-point loss to Alabama, or Nebraska, with a three-point loss to Penn State, would play No. Customized picks for NFL and college football pickem contests (weekly and season long). 2 Oklahoma 0 . . 5 Tennessee 34, at No. The Sooners survived one of OSU's best teams -- led by quarterback Mike Gundy, tailback Barry Sanders and receiver Hart Lee Dykes -- to win their 12th straight game in the Bedlam rivalry. Games Played; YDS:Total Yards; YDS/G:Yards Per Game; YDS:Passing Yards; The projected rules could eliminate an estimated seven-to-10 plays per game, which could help player safety. LSU recovered to win the SEC title and then beat Ohio State to claim the BCS national title. Elvis Peacock's 2-yard TD run made it 28-26 with 1:29 left. 67. College Football Playoff semifinal at Rose Bowl, Jan. 1, 2018 Landry Jones 201020112012. The Mids also picked off five passes from Army QB Bob Blaik. The Midshipmen came in 0-8, the Black Knights 8-0 and 21-point favorites. LSU's victory broke Auburn's nine-game unbeaten streak in the SEC. RBs Sony Michel and Nick Chubb combined for 326 rushing yards and five touchdowns. Game MVP Ambrose Schindler ran for one touchdown and passed for another to lead the Trojans to the Rose Bowl win. 8 Ohio State 3 5 Cincinnati 45, at No. Tigers coach Pat Dye said playing Alabama at Jordan-Hare Stadium was comparable to the "crumbling of the Berlin Wall." Sammy Baugh guided the 1937 college team to its first win, 6-0 over the . NCAA officially forwards proposals to speed up college football games. -. 2 Nebraska 16 1 vs. No. Michigan State tied it on a 9-yard Drew Stanton TD pass with 3:48 left and won it on Brett Swenson's 28-yard field goal with 13 seconds on the clock. Eight days after the Aggie Bonfire collapse that killed 12 and injured 27, the Big 12 archrivals met in a somber Kyle Field. 23. Nov. 19, 1977 2 was the first time College GameDay took its show to campus. No. No. * All Games qualifier is No. 5 Michigan 32 The Wildcats almost won on the final play of regulation when Michael Bishop completed a 55-yard Hail Mary pass to Everett Burnett at the A&M 2. 5 Boston College 19, No. September intersectional games usually don't tip the national title scales. 16. He reeled off 238.9 yards per game also a record likely never to . 8. 9 TCU 58 This section is showing information as of the end the 2022-23 season. Sugar Bowl, Jan. 1, 1951 66. Forget that UCLA's Heisman-winning quarterback, Gary Beban, threw his second touchdown pass of the game to put the Bruins up, 20-14. With Alabama trailing in the second half of the SEC championship game, backup quarterback Jalen Hurts came off the bench to throw for one touchdown and run for another. Oct. 15, 1988 1 LSU 48 (3 OT) Keenan Reynolds. Northwest Championship also involves Oregon and Washington. In what year was the first ever college football game played? Quarterback Vince Young carried a grudge because USC back Reggie Bush had won the Heisman. 40. 32. 51. Defenses were dominant in Tuscaloosa in a game billed as the latest Game of the Century. Both schools claim to have won their 1889 game by forfeit, but most neutral recordkeepers list a win for North Carolina. The Cougars trailed 45-25 with 3:57 left, but they recovered an onside kick and blocked a punt to fuel an improbable comeback. The Midshipmen limited No. 2 Penn State 35, at Illinois 31 The first Orange Bowl in prime time wasn't decided until Texas linebacker Tommy Nobis stuffed quarterback Joe Namath short of the goal line late in the fourth quarter. Southern California, on the other hand, is 12-4 in the games listed. Some of the most renowned players to have played for Michigan . The No. Kentucky coach Bear Bryant used three defensive tackles and nine men in the box to slow down the Sooners and end their 31-game winning streak. The Trojans' 35th consecutive victory would have delivered a third straight national championship. Minnesota 13, at Pittsburgh 7 Miami outgained Penn State 445-162 but had little to show for it. College football games could be shorter in 2023 after several proposed changes by . 1 Florida State 16 Virginia's Tiki Barber had 193 rushing and 45 receiving yards and returned six punts for 73 yards. Sept. 1, 2007 7 Georgia Tech 7, No. 2 Oklahoma State 31 (2 OT) 136. Having played every game in his four-year Austin career and racking up a list of honors that . 4 Seminoles featured 60 future NFL players, including 10 first-rounders. This included a regular season win over Montana State. Joe Unis' extra point won it. How could the Dawgs lose? At No. Irish quarterback Joe Montana battled hypothermia and the flu while playing in icy conditions with wind chills of minus-6 degrees at the Cotton Bowl. Nov. 21, 1931 4 USC 21, No. Down eight points late in the fourth quarter, Oregon scored with 2:33 left and converted the 2-point try to tie the game. Jennifer Bubel. When Doug Flutie scrambled to his right, again confounding the exhausted Hurricane defensive front; when he heaved that 48-yard pass into the end zone scrum with zeroes on the clock; when Gerard Phelan, camped just behind the scrum, caught the ball like it were a punt; when Brent Musburger screamed, "I don't believe it!" 1 USC 42, No. Did he ever. Two interceptions and a blocked punt for a touchdown fueled the 38-point rally. With the score tied at 21, the momentum tilted toward the Gators. The $85,000 SMU received from the Rose Bowl paid the mortgage on the Mustangs' campus stadium. 119. The Trojans rolled to a 42-14 lead in the fourth quarter, then nightfall and the Badgers started coming on. Instead, Miami finished one play away, but which one? BCS National Championship, Pasadena, California, Jan. 6, 2014 9 Irish. Cotton Bowl, Jan. 1, 1957 An extra point would have left Nebraska as the nation's only undefeated team. -- Continue to run the clock after first downs, except in the final two minutes of . Navy (2-6) stunned Army (8-0), ending the Black Knights' 28-game unbeaten streak. Visit ESPN to view 2022 College Football team stats. Zach Ertz signed a three-year, $31.65 contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals in March 2022, which included an $8 million signing bonus, $17.5 million in guaranteed money and an average annual salary of $10.55 million. The teams combined for nearly 1,200 yards of offense in a wild shootout that came down to the wire. 8 Oklahoma 31, at No. 20. At No. LSU had one last prayer when Marcus Randall dropped back from his team's 15-yard line. Then Northwestern recovered a fumble at the UM 30 with 46 seconds remaining, and Sam Simmons caught an 11-yard touchdown with 20 seconds left for an improbable victory. Florida State coach Bobby Bowden called the "Puntrooskie": The snap went to one blocker, who handed it forward between the legs of LeRoy Butler, who took off running 78 yards around left end. OU survived one last drive when Brent Parker dropped a fourth-down pass in the end zone. Oct. 15, 1966 Though it looked much more like the style of football the rest of the world plays (soccer) than the brand of pigskin most of us are familiar with, the first game of intercollegiate football was played 150 years ago today. 3 Army 21, Navy 21 In the second quarter, Trojans tailback Charles White took off on a leap toward the goal line from the Michigan 3.