There are seven Brasher Doubloons known, in two varieties, with the EB hallmark on the breast (unique) and with the hallmark on the wing. Another group of patterns, also dated 1792, are attributed to Massachusetts engraver Jacob Perkins. Britains Cartwheel Coins, Pistruccis Forgotten Coin Masterwork The 1821 Farthing, Announcing the 16th International Numismatic Congress, The most expensive coin ever sold at auction. The legend reads "New Ziraat bankas eski paralar u anda almyor. For historical interest and numismatic rarity, this great coin is second to none. American Women quarter rolls, bags available March 27, International specialists to meet in Santo Domingo, BEP confirms 2026 date for $10 note with tactile features, Legislation aims to prevent production of $1 trillion coin, Coin World Thought Leaders Series: Chris Arbutine of Belleair Coins. He also added an unusually worded version of the national motto UNUM E PLURIBUS (One from many) together with the date 1787. Striking pressure was uneven, leaving the tops of certain letters and the highest design elements weak, the latter effect particularly visible on the reverse where the sun and mountain are merged. Although it is a fantasy coin, it still looks very nice and is impressive. This sale realized over $19 million, including an astonishing 34 coins and medals that realized prices over $100,000. Department of Special Collections, 102 Hesburgh Library, Coins & Currency The better-known 1787 Brasher Doubloon shows a heraldic eagle on one side, reminiscent of the Great Seal of the United States. In 1787, Brasher and John Baily petitioned the New York legislature for the right to strike copper coinage for the state. 818 NORTH CASCADE AVENUE EB Punch on Breast. Produced by Ephraim Brasher, a well-known New York jeweler and goldsmith and a neighbor of George Washingtons while he stayed in New York, the Brasher Doubloon is based on the weight standard of Spanish-American gold coinage and was valued at $15. Get it FREE now. An undisclosed Wall Street investment firm subsequently purchased it from Blanchard and Company of New Orleans, Louisiana for nearly $7.4 million, it was the most money ever paid for a coin minted in the United States. After buying the famed New York style doubloon in 1979, Partrick would soon acquire the finest-known example of the Lima style Brasher doubloon for $80,000 when it was offered in lot 2341 of Part IV of the Garrett Collection in 1981. Both known examples are struck on a planchet that was too small for the dies. Access our Dealer Directory It is also mentioned in Lawrence Block's 1980 Bernie Rhodenbarr mystery The Burglar Who Studied Spinoza[11] and John Bellairs's 1992 The Mansion in the Mist. A double band of leaves wreaths the eagle; beyond the wreath, arched around the upper border, the words UNUM E PLURIBUS are separated by stars. CHECK OUT COINS FOR SALE IN THESE POPULAR CATEGORIES, Brasher doubloon sets record at auction: $9.36 million, 2023 Amos Media Company. doubloon produced in 1861 by Alfred Robinson of Hartford, Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1787 Brasher Doubloon Colonial Columbia Coin Token (X-13) at the best online prices at eBay! EMAIL: The punch on the left (facing) wing is clear with a corresponding area of flatness on the opposite side. Dated 1786 to 1788, these copper coins feature a horses head above a plow on the obverse. The coin last sold at public auction in a Jan. 9, 2014, Heritage sale where it realized $4,582,500, which includes the 17.5 percent buyers fee added to the final closing hammer price of $3.9 million. 89% gold; approx. .999 Fine Silver Bullion Coin 1787 Brasher Doubloon Replica CU 24k Gold Layered American Mint Product (P-10) Pre-Owned $39.99 jefferson1211 (526) 100% or Best Offer Free shipping Sponsored Americas Rarest Coins 1787 Brasher Doubloon Gold 2 Toz .999 Silver Round Tribute $80.00 coinsngoldexchange (13,835) 100% Buy It Now +$5.00 shipping Sponsored The 1787 Brasher Doubloon was the first gold coin struck in the US and represents one of the most important pieces in America's numismatic history. Distinguished by its exceptionally high grade, it was joined by four other Washington Getz Pattern Half Dollars, including a 1792 Small Eagle Plain Edge G. Washington President graded NGC AU 58+ that realized $312,000. Sign up for our free eNewsletter . E-Mail, telephone: (574) 631-0290, or mail: On 12th February 1787, Brasher and a silversmith and sword maker called John Bailey requested franchises to produce copper coins for the state of New York. Coin Auction, Platinum Night Session. We know that Americas founding father approved of Brashers talents as a gold and silversmith, because he bought several items from him, including a set of four silver skewers in April 1790. Wish I could go there and see it. Constitution Avenue, NW 3 1787 Brasher Doubloon. The American Numismatic Association is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to educating The collector has an extensive knowledge and appreciation of early U.S. coins, Imhof said, noting the Brasher doubloon is the most expensive coin in his collection. Included are two colonial copper coins produced by John Bailey and punchlinked to the Brasher Doubloons, two . different style. The Again the original quatrefoils were changed to cinquefoils and the original six pointed star to the left of E was made into a five pointed star while the star to the right of the E was left off the copy entirely. Photo is beautiful! On April 17, 2018. The Brasher doubloons were fabricated by New York silversmith Ephraim Brasher, George Washingtons next-door neighbor in New York City after the Revolutionary War. Therefore, the PCGS3000 should only be used as one guide to rare coin prices and historical price movements, and not as the sole source for determining the value or market history of a particular coin. Company USDOT number is 3554040 and docket number is 1191270. Their weight range is from 88 - 150 grains. $24.99 + $5.25 shipping. 250 dpi: reverse. Your credit card or PayPal account will be charged. Articles, Great Discoveries: Metal Detectorist Finds 14th-Century Coin, 300-Year-Old Hairpin Beneath Farmland, The Market for Queen Elizabeth Collectibles Soars, Money as Marketing Material: Vintage Bank Note Ads. The legislative record for February 12, 1787 stated, "the several petitions" of Brasher and Bailey were filed with the state. 1786 New Jersey Under Beam Copper graded NGC AU 55 BN and pedigreed to the Partrick Collection. His firm, Los Angeles-based . Brasher Doubloons are an odd mix of artistic skill and amateur coining practice. Encased 1964 Philadelphia Silver Proof Set Free S/H!! Trkiye'de ilk para ne zaman basld? For questions or comments contact Special Collections by: Lots 30011 through 30017 represent what is almost certainly the ultimate collection of coins related to Ephraim Brasher, the New York city gold and silversmith. community, collectors and the general public with an interest in numismatics. The 1343 Edward III Florin. Obverse: NOVA [cinquefoil] EBORACA [cinquefoil] COLUMBIA [cinquefoil] Unable to subscribe to our eNewsletter. This makes it the world's most expensive coin. Transportation Services provided: Vans, Flatbed, Reefer . in the foreground as is found on the state shield. $10.00 + $5.60 shipping. The Brasher Doubloon, the first gold coin struck in the U.S., is being offered privately at a $15 million asking price, according to numismatic adviser Jeff Sherid. Closes Sunday, August 26th, 1787 Copper Nova Eborac (New York), Large Head, An Interview with the Director of Numismatics for Heritage Auctions Chicago Office, Tyrant Collections Historic Mexican and Brazilian Coins at February Long Beach Expo, Long Beach Expo Kicks Off As Largest Collectibles Show on the West Coast February 2-4, 2023, Central States Plans Three New Areas For 2023 Expanded Convention. Photo: Heritage Auctions. Betty grew up in Milan, Tennessee, came to Michigan in Crum said he offered Perschke in 2013 more than he eventually paid in the 2014 sale, but Perschke wanted to gamble that the coin could bring more at auction. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for 1778 $20 Bill & 76 coin + 1787 Constitution Replicas purchased 1973 at Disney at the best online prices at eBay! The coins are: The only known mint state example of a 1787 Excelsior, Eagle Left New York copper will be among the historic early American coins on display at the PCGS booth during the ANA 2018 Philadelphia Worlds Fair of Money. Ephraim Brasher had a very distinctive counterstamp which can be fairly easily identified. For more information, go to They were intended to closely resemble contemporary circulating Hispanic coins struck in the 1740s, but Brasher included their actual date of production on the coin. A second NGC-certified Brasher Doubloon in the same sale sold for over $2.1 million in an extraordinary showing by this unparalleled NGC-certified collection. New York was the capital of the United States from 1785 until 1790. In 1787, Ephraim Brasher,[1] a goldsmith and silversmith, submitted a petition to the State of New York to mint copper coins. If you believe that you have a genuine piece, than please post some images of the coin. But their applications were denied because New York decided not to mint copper coins. XF45 NGC. After the coin was struck, Brasher counter stamped his EB hallmark onto the reverse as his personal guarantee of quality. The extraordinary results came in an elite sale by Heritage Auctions that featured a number of impressive early American rarities all certified by NGC from the unparalleled Donald G. Partrick Collection. NO RETURNS !! Legendary Texas dealer B. Max Mehl summarized the importance of Brashers New York style gold issues, with an eagle on one side and the arms of New York on the other, writing, This celebrated coin has the unusual distinctive importance of being rightfully included in the American Colonial Series, and, as it is the first issue of a private gold coinage, is also included in that important series. Particular coins being offered for sale may not have been included within particular indexes, and if included, may not have experienced the same market movements as the index as a whole. Thirteen stars surround the eagles head. The 1787 Brasher Doubloon with EB Punch on Wing. been minted they were stamped with an EB counterstamp (either on the wing All rights reserved, DLRC acquires Quellar 1794 Flowing Hair silver dollar, Monaco to sell Brasher doubloon replicas to promote exhibit, 1794 silver dollar Pogue Collection realizes nearly 5 million, CCAC agrees with CFA on suggested coin, medal designs, Events in Chicago and D.C. celebrate Bessie Coleman, U.S. Mint to use waiting room for product launches, Market Analysis: Higher-than-normal gold field reflectivity, Buy & Sell Coins Online at the Coin World Marketplace. It would be the first gold coin made for the United States of America. This famous coin which was exhibited at the 1964 New York Worlds Fair, was a featured display in a nationwide touring exhibit for the 1987 bicentennial of the United States Constitution and was displayed at the Epcot theme park at Walt Disney World in 1988. and the water, but this was left off the copy. NEW! The coins creator, Ephraim Brasher, was well known at the time as a silver and goldsmith and civic leader in New York City, and later was a neighbor of George Washington in lower Manhattan. Picture Information. It was a natural choice for the reverse of the Doubloon along with the legend UNUM E PLURIBUS (One out of many). Graded MS-61 by NGC and also carrying a green CAC sticker, Heritage calls the issue, one of the most elusive and enigmatic issues of early American coinage. It was only discovered in the 1890s and just two examples are known, of which the offered coin is by far the finest. Just to hold it would be a dream. Brasher regulated precious metal coins for the bank, carefully checking their fineness and weight, and stamping them with his oval-shaped hallmark containing his initials EB if they met the correct standards. Proof 1933 Replica Double Eagle Copper Layered in 24k Gold. MEMBERSHIP: 800-514-2646 The obverse design of the New York Style doubloon features the sun rising over the peak of a mountain with a body of water in the foreground was adapted from the state coat of arms of New York. Note: Comment submission is temporarily unavailable while we make improvements to the site. Davis Collection (New York Coin & Stamp Co., 1/1890), lot 2342, John G. Mills, privately James Ten Eyck Collection (B. Max Mehl, 5/1922), lot 374, realized $3,000 Virgil Brand (Brand Journal ID number 120069) Horace Brand Jack Friedberg Auction 79 (RARCOA, 7/1979), lot 1433, realized $430,000 to Walter Perschke Sold most recently (Heritage, 1/14) for $4,582,500, Composition: approx. | ANA Official Post | ANAStaff. A 1792 Eagle and Stars Silver Washington President Pattern graded NGC XF 45 and also pedigreed to the Roper Collection realized $288,000. Although it is a fantasy coin, it still looks very nice and is impressive. Diameter: 29.2 mm Reverse die alignment: 170. A 1787 Brasher doubloon set a record for any U.S. gold coin when it realized $9.36 million at Heritage Auctions Jan. 21 sale of the Donald G. Partrick Collection in Dallas. One of the legendary 1787 gold Brasher Doubloons and seven of the finest known 1780s New York colonial era copper coins will be displayed together for the first time in an educational exhibit hosted by Professional Coin Grading Service ( at the American Numismatic Association 2018 Philadelphia Worlds Fair of Money, August 14-18. CHECK OUT COINS FOR SALE IN THESE POPULAR CATEGORIES, 1787 Brasher doubloon sells for more than 5 million, 2023 Amos Media Company. These attempts at early coinage show the resilience and creative spirit of the young country. Modern souvenir copies, sold for $1.00 at historical sites such as Williamsburg . NEW! Perschke was disappointed the coin did not bring a higher price at the 2014 auction. The coin collecting community cherishes Brasher Doubloons because they were the first gold coins struck in the newly independent United States. As a result, no other coin in the world evokes more potent images of pirate ships and treasure maps than the doubloon. At this time, several patterns, or proposed designs for coinage, were struck privately, displaying the bust of President George Washington. The edges are smooth and the rims irregular. Professional Coin Grading Services is a division of Collectors Universe, Inc. Get free numismatic news from leading coin experts, in-depth articles, market summary videos, surveys & more! Nova Columbia Excelsior E Pluribus Unum, 1787 - 2014 "EB" Ephraim Brasher's 1787 Doubloon, .9999 Fine Gold 26.4 G, 1787 Brass Brasher Doubloon Marked Copy On Edge, 1787 Brasher Doubloon Bronze US Colonial Columbia Coin, 1787 Brasher Doubloon Brass Or Copper Coin, 1787 Brasher Doubloon Replica EB On Wing Golden, 1787 Brasher Doubloon Replica Bullion Token, 1787 Ephraim Brasher Half Doubloon 2011 .999 Gold Gem Bu, Catalogue Of The Imperial Byzantine Coins In The British Museum, Volume, Monnaies & Mdailles Franaises & trangres Pays-Bas, Allemagne, Suisse, A Manual Of Roman Coins: From The Earliest Period To The Extinction Of T, Catalogue Of Professor Annthon's Numismatic Cabinet, Part 2, Comprising, The Silver Coins Of England Arranged And Described With Remarks On Briti, Catalogue Of Rare Coins, Medals, Paper, Money, Curiosities, Jewlry, Gems, A Descriptive Catalogue Of Swiss Coins In The South Kensington Museum, 2023 - WorthPoint Corporation | 5 Concourse Parkway NE, Suite 2900. Other NGC-certified highlights from the Partrick Collection in the January 21, 2021 sale included: Want news like this delivered to your inbox once a month? But by 1792, it was clear that a national coinage was needed, so the US Mint was founded. It set a record for any U.S. coin at auction when it was offered as lot 607 of Bowers and Ruddys November 1979 sale of the John Work Garrett Collection, where it was purchased by an agent on behalf of Partrick for $725,000. Florin de Eduardo III (1343) . It is rightfully recognized as one of the greatest numismatic rarities of the world.. We don't know whether this was a joint application, or if both men just happened to submit the requests on the same day. Its stratospheric price set . The just sold piece is the finest of just seven known only five of which are in private hands and is known as the Stickney specimen after its first documented owner Matthew Stickney who acquired it in 1848. Perhaps this explains why Brasher produced his doubloon. Brasher's doubloons are purposely similar in size to the Spanish 8 Escudos coins. Atlanta, Georgia 30328 | 877.481.5750. Between the end of the Revolutionary War in 1783 and the founding of the US Mint in 1792, several innovative ideas in currency were attempted in order to supplement the European coins that then circulated in the nascent United States. COLORADO SPRINGS, CO 80903 The central device is encircled by beads around which is inscribed NOVA EBORACA COLUMBIA EXCELSIOR with each word separated by a rosette. The anonymous current owner of the Brasher Doubloon is described by PCGS as a West Coast collector, and the owner of the New York copper coins is described as a New York dealer and collector.. Found this coin with some other old one at an estate sale. [6] 2003 US American Eagle Silver Dollar 1 Oz. Die polish lines are strong on both obverse and reverse. Show hours are 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Thursday, March 5, and Friday, March 6; and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, March 7. Brashers issues get their own page in the Red Book which also includes a listing for Various gold coins with Brashers EB mark. In an era before the Philadelphia Mint produced regular issue coins, Brasher would counterstamp the various gold coins from around the world that circulated in early America, providing evidence that he verified their value. [3] Spanish America did the same as explained in es:dobln. 1786 Lima-Style Brasher Doubloon graded NGC MS 61 and pedigreed to the Partrick Collection.