While you are here, checkout our Crested Gecko Collection, Crested Gecko Morphs Guide, Crested Gecko Care Sheets, and our Crested Gecko For Sale page. Unlike most of the other online reptile shops we are based out of a bricks and mortar store in the village of Windlesham on the Surrey - Berkshire border just to the South West of London. Crested Geckos first caught our eye back in 2010. Pet Shop License Number: AWL0014 Another time, Thor purchased a turtle there and tried to hide it from their mom so he kept it in the bathtub. Mimik x Gambit. We purchased twomore pairs:Gilgamesh & Cleopatra and Peridot & Nori. Company Number: 11498742 They've spent years of time and money cultivating a loyal following of Instagram and Facebook customers and you can expect they wouldn't screw that all up for a quick couple of dollars. We ship safely Overnight year round. In most cases if someone has a large following it is probably because they have somereally nice crested geckosand know what they are doing. The last thing a reptile rescue wants is to sell a crested gecko and have to take them back after a while. Reptile expos 3. White outline pinstripe Extreme Harlequin Female Extreme Harlequin Female. Just in case they are becoming violent. Cresteies are ectotherms (body temperature varies with environmental temperature), so it is important that you provide the proper temperature range for activity and feeding. If you are a crested gecko breeder and you have enough Facebook followers or Instagram Followers to make the list or the honorable mention, please contact us and we'll get it updated. About; Crested Gecko Info Crested Gecko Care Morph Guide. We use cookies to analyze website traffic and optimize your website experience. We believe that these geckos, especially Chahoua, make the best captive kept reptiles on the planet. If you dont want to buy a crested gecko that you cant see for yourself or if you have a limited budget you can also find crested geckos for sale in pet stores. We believe in only making available the best product's for your Geckos that we ourselves use and have found to be very effective. Ex Tax: 12.99. The diet is allowed to remain 24 to 36 hours before removal as after 36 hours it can spoil. Ex Tax: 91.66, New Caledonian Giant Gecko (Leachie) - Moro, Pilea glaucophylla (Artillery Plant) - Medium, Arcadia Euro-Range Forest 5% UVB Tube - 15w 18in. . To make the Facebook honorable mention list you will need at least 3,000 followers. Contact Information. Here at eco geckos im known for my pure white and black leopard geckos. Repashy Superfoods Calcium Plus is an all-in-one Calcium With a Biologist ON-SITE shop with confidence that youll be purchasing a top quality gecko for sale online. About Us Keeping our geckos as naturally as possible We are a small home/hobby breeder only breeding in an effort to produce a healthy gecko with good structure, colour and temperament to improve our own stock. Crested geckos are entertaining and easy to care for. If you want to contact us please use the form below and we will get back to you. WHAT DO THE CRESTED GECKO AWARD BADGES REALLY MEAN? By making the top breeder list you can show that the gecko community trusts your business. CBReptile.com is a family owned and operated reptile for sale business that is proud to sell ONLY healthy captive bred reptiles for sale online. Also, this can vary depending on the gecko itself and the quality of the food in its diet. Email: sales@blackpoolreptiles.co.uk Call or Text: 609-705-7787. Because we follow thesepractices,the quality and health of our animals shows every time someone opens a package from us! Once your new crestie is comfortable with you, you can begin to handle them more. Im currently working with some of the best black nights in the world. As a crested gecko breeder we are proud to work with top gecko genetics and like all of our geckos for sale, they come with a full live arrival and health guarantee! [Calypso (2022-05)], Prob. [Pandora (2022-07)], Orange White Line Probable Male [YV (17-6) (2022-04)], Orange White Line Probable Male [YV (17-6) (2022-05)], High White High Color Male [YV (17-3) (2022-04)], High White High Color Female [YV (17-3) (2022-06)], High Color, High White line Probable Female [LxS (15) (2022-02)], High Color from High White Lines [A x C (17-4) (2022-04)], High Color from High White Lines [A x C (17-4) (2022-06)], White Collar Probable Male [DM (17-3) (2022-06)]. Crested Geckos. Home - Crested Geckos UK Masters of Morph Mixology, Leading the way in the Evolution of Crested Gecko Morphs! 2015-2023 MorphMarket Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions Rules He will be the starting point to all my super giants. Once your female crestie is ovulating, shell normally accept the males atempts. Baby crested geckos are best housed in large plastic terrariums or in standard (20-inch) 10-gallon reptile tanks with a screen top. Global Geckos has a 5 Star Rating, the highest possible rating of under the Animal Activities Licensing Scheme, License number NVLIC/58478/11 Issued by Surrey Heath Borough Council. available crested geckos The perfect beginner reptile. If you sell to a pet shop, please make sure they provide (and follow!) Kate's Colorful Cresteds - Crested Gecko Unique, Beautiful, and Desirable Crested Geckos SHOP NOW!! Follow Tenny's Crested Geckos on Instagram and Facebook to get the latest updates and news. Crested Geckos by Gene - MorphMarket US & Canada Shop Categories Stores Merchandise Resources Events Morphpedia Community About About Us News Features Ethics Support Get Help Pricing Captive bred animals from thousands of breeders worldwide. High quality Crested Geckos imported from around the world!. Global Geckos Reptile Shop, 18 Updown Hill, Windlesham, Surrey, GU20 6AF Telephone:01276 423137. Similarly, we offer baby crested geckos for sale, juvenile crested gecko for sale, as well as young adult cresties for sale with the best price anywhere. Some of our first hatchlings are breeders now, making babies that look completely different than their grandparents. Furthermore, when ordering crested geckos for sale from CB Reptile you should expect an animal that has been handled. I am currently only breeding a very selective category of morphs. Lancashire We use animalcourier.co.uk to courier all our geckos in the UK For mainland UK the cost . Theyre a great size (not too big, not too small); generally very docile and handle-able; come in many different colors and patterns; can thrive in many environments, from simple, easy to construct plastic bins to elaborate, beautifully planted glass terrariums; long-lived (capable of 20+ years); hardy; relatively low maintenance; breed-able for most experienced keepers; etc. Take a look! About Us. says, 'Industry awards are used to showcase a specialty or highlight a quality that competitors dont have.' Nowadays, baby crested geckos for sale are bred in large numbers and have become standardin the pet gecko for sale industry. Facebook and Instagram users who have an interest in crested geckos are most likely to engage with breeders who have an excellent reputation for producing the best reptiles and making a positive impact on the wider crested gecko community.". There is a recommended one to two week acclimation period for newly acquired geckos which allows them to settle in and get used to their new surroundings. And be sure to check our buying guide for crested geckos with tips and tricks on getting the right crestie for you. We have assembled a phenomenal collection that were selectively acquired and produced from only the finest animals over many years. Here you will find all the information on purchasing a gecko, delivery and guarantees/return policy. If you adopt a crested gecko from a reptile rescue you might have to fill in a form with all kinds of questions. Lastly, all of ourcrested geckos for sale come with our live arrival and full 7-day health guarantee and ship via UPS or FedEx overnight. Because of their ease of care, Crested gecko breeders are offering baby cresties across the USA. Choose the right crested gecko breeder to ensure a healthy baby crested gecko for sale! Crested geckos are entertaining and easy to care for. Store Contact: 615-480-4333. View More Geckos. All rights reserved. Super Giants and Extreme Pieds. Ex Tax: 83.33. Blue-bottles. Love the markings on this little crested gecko He/she will be part of our future crested gecko breeder group , most likely the White outline pinstripe group. Three adult cresteds can be comfortably housed in a 29 gallon aquarium. Ex Tax: 1,250.00. Whether it is super rare color morphs like Super Dalmatian, Halloween Harlequins, Orange Tiger flames to name a few, or the more common flames, bi-colors, and Harlequins. They.. 100.00 For a more naturalistic look, a peat-moss-based soil mix that doesnt contain perlite will work well. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); We are hobbyist reptile breeders based in the Southwest UK offering leopard geckos, crested geckos and blue tongued skinks. At one time, Cresteds were once considered super rare in captivity. products coming soon A thermometeris essential for accurate temperature measurements. Qualify For The Facebook Honorable Mention List With 3,000+ Followers, Supreme Gecko (7825),Lilly Exotics(7477), Rockstar Geckos(6276), Tara Leigh's Cresties (6098), Austral Gecko (5967), Tailspinz Geckos (5755), Guardian Geckos (5750), Crestopia Reptiles (5639), Northern Virginia Gecko (5533), Gilded Geckos (5338), Underground Geckos of Texas (5264), BB's Crested Geckos (5214), Emerald City Cresties (5186), LAC Herps (5043), Sublime Reptiles (4881) Sticky Claw Geckos (4628), Crested Mania (2601), Chasing Cresties (4513), Gecko Haven (4456), Crimson Cresties (4326),Canvas Geckos (3907),The Gecko Alchemist (3829), Hidden Valley Geckos (3773), Crowned Cresties (3750), Flawless Crested Geckos (3678), Krys's Kritters (3656), Crestie Jungle (3633), Cowajunga (3615), Crestie Addicted (3314), Gecko Barracks (3276), Paris Reptiles (3265), Manatee Suncoast Lizards (3185), Gotham Geckos (3046) minimum 3,000 Facebook followers. forms: { Medium sized and typically gentle natured. Breeders 2023 - 2024 (Click Image to View Gallery) Welcome to Crested Geckos UK! In summer, place crested geckos in a cool room if the temperature exceeds 87 degrees. As a crested gecko breeder, we are experienced working with all types of ecotherms. Baby cresties tend to be flighty and can be injured in the course of handling. Reptile rescues 2.4. Once several sessions have passed, you can expect them to calm down. Mountain Cresties is a small home team of two Crested gecko breeders specializing in bright reds and high contrast harlequins in Western, North Carolina, and Coastal, South Carolina. Crested Gecko Breeders UK: Lilly Exotics Extreme Cresties Grey Crested Geckos Island Geckos Crestie Zoo The Rhac Shack Global Geckos Wiltshire Geckos Cotswold Geckos Gecko Diet Crested Gecko Breeders Worldwide: The Urban Gecko - Canada Altitude Exotics - USA Northern Gecko - USA JB's Crested Geckos - USA Gecko Haven - USA Moon Valley Reptiles - USA You can stay up to date with all the latest news here at The Gecko Lounge via this page. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); (function() { When it comes to reptile care and selecting the correct products for different species and enclosures we are a cut above the rest and have unmatched qualifications and experience. Social media has leveled the field on scammers as they our outed and accounts are deactivated daily. The Phantom Gecko Beautiful, Healthy Geckos and supplies . Including Superconda Snow, Superconda Axanthic and Superconda Purple Line. If a female seems to be terribly offended, remove the male and try again in a week or two. Crested Gecko Breeder | Griffin Geckos Griffin Geckos Crested Gecko Breeder Shop Geckos! Please fill out a contact form--or..an even faster way?? I currently aim to hit the visual Lily White Axanthic in the next few years. The Giant gecko originates from the South Pacific island of New Caladonia and smaller surrounding is.. 495.00 An amazing snake to keep! Store Email: Williambryantgeckos@gmail.com. Breeding Pairs 2023 Breeding Pairs 2022 Breeding Pairs 2021 Breeding Pairs 2020 Males Females. Of course, you wont have the same choice and there might only be a limited number of crested geckos in the rescue. Personally, I always like to offer as much variety as possible when it comes to feeding my animals. We are presently compiling a third list for breeders of multiple reptile species, please contact us to be added to this upcoming list. Unlike most of the other online reptile shops we are based out of a bricks and mortar store in the village of Windlesham on the Surrey Berkshire border just to the South West of London. Top 10 Most Popular Crested Gecko Breeders, https://tennyscrestedgeckos.com/crested-gecko-breeders/, https://tennyscrestedgeckos.com/ranking/top-crested-gecko-breeder.png, CLICK HERE FOR INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO PUT TOP BREEDER TRUST BADGE ON YOUR WEBSITE. I work with Axanthics, tricolours, super dalmatians and Lilly Whites. You can keep one male and several female crested geckos together. Our wide selection of wooden vivariums manufactured by Monkfield Nutrition are some of the most dur.. 109.99 But, the Instagram honorable mention list is a bit easier to get on with only 1,000 followers needed. They were black and yellow and red; they had spots and stripes; and they had eyelashes! Cresties seldom bite and when they do it is of little consequence. Stick insects. Price is 100 pounds each for first two,150 for last one (27g), or 300 for all three Age: 12 months Ready to leave: Now 100 3 days ago 1 crested geckos } A lot of them also have crested geckos for sale. Some might have a relatively constant supply while others offer crested geckos less often. Crested Gecko Breeder | Fringemorphs FRINGEMORPHS was started by Chris and Thor; two brothers that have shared an obsession with reptiles since they were kids. If your new baby gecko is jumpy or flighty you can use whats called the hand walking method. Very happy with my baby Russian Tortoises! When you start handling your crestie, make handling sessions short, no more than five minutes at a time and than allow the gecko back into its habitat or crested terrarium. My interaction with him has always been. Specialist reptile courier and payment plans are available on all animals. When youre looking for a crested gecko you can find different sellers and breeders that have crested geckos for sale. Before you buy a crested gecko especially if you do this online check the entire website and definitely check the shipping policy. Hatchlings are housed with their clutch mates for the first two to three months, at which time they are separated and put into their own bins. They might be a bit more expensive than other options but theyre more accessible. You can contact Heartland Crested Geckos on their own website: Heartland Crested Geckos. Secondly, theyre as gorgeous as they are calm from our daily handling to ensure they make a great pet crested gecko for sale! for the discerning collector and newcomer alike, Holdback Release: High White MALE [LxS (17-3) (2022-05)], Holdback Release: Colorful, Super White Line Female [WT (2022-04)], Holdback Release: Female from Our #1 Pairing [Pandora (2022-03)], Holdback Release: Colorful, Super White Line Female [WT (2022-06)], Orange White Line Probable Male [YV (17-6) (2022-03)], Probable Female from Proven High White Pairing! Probably going to hold her back to add to our crested gecko breeder group in 2022. Im regularly updating the article when I find sellers and breeders in other regions. A female that is ovulating is much more likely to accept a male than one who is not. We are confident that choosing CBReptile.com as your go to crested gecko breeder, you are making the choice to get the highest quality baby crested gecko for sale anywhere. CBReptile has crested geckos for sale at a wide price range from $60 to $500 with most geckos having a price around $100 which is an average price for crested geckos. New baby geckos that just arrived should not be handled, but first allowed to settle in for three to four weeks to let them adjust to their new habitat and to make sure they are eating as they should. Pilea glaucophylla (Artillery Plant) is a hardy plant species perfect for damp to very humid vivaria.. Arcadia Euro Range 5.0% UVB tubes are a great choice UVB bulb for forest species of reptiles or thos.. 21.99 If youre a crested gecko breeder and are interested in getting in a free directory, please contact me through contact@mycrestedgecko.com. We use Rapid Reptiles Courier if you are in the United Kingdom. ! Once they are settled in, you can introduce your gecko to handling a little at a time. 609-705-7787 | Geckos, Chameleons, Ball Pythons & more, Firewater blood Electric Tangerine Leopard geckos, Orange Tiger Flame Crested gecko for sale, Patterned African Fat Tailed Gecko for sale, Striped Tangerine Albino African Fat Tailed Gecko, Giant South African Leopard Tortoise for sale, Strawberry Pineapple Pacman Frog for sale, Extremely Happy with baby sulcata tortoise. He turns 4 in August and had him since he Samantha S. Liverpool Individual 3 11 hours } We have over 18 years experience working with reptiles and a bit of an obsession when it comes to producing world class animals. 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