We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. High-quality Buzzfeed Unsolved Goatmans Bridge Wall Art designed and sold by artists. Photo from ReneLibrary. [1], According to some variations of the legend, Goatman is said to have once been a scientist who worked in the Beltsville Agricultural Research Center. You will see the Goatmans glowing red eyes on the bridge. However, there is more to this bridge than just the iron it was made of. Locals warn that if you cross the bridge at night without headlights (as the Klansmen are said to have done), you will be met on the other side by the Goatman. If you have any information on the occurrence of a graffiti incident, please contact the Tustin Police Department's Non-Emergency number at 714-573-3225, in addition to contacting the City's Graffiti Removal Hotline. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. [1][2], Goatman stories originated in the early 1970s but some of its legends are set in the 50s, within Prince George's County, following the disappearances and/or deaths of multiple dogs, which were later attributed to the creature. On a dark night in the late 1930s, a lynch mob of Kluxers stormed Washburns shack and dragged the screaming Goatman to their noose waiting on the bridge, tightened the rope around the begging Oscars neck, then mercilessly flung him over the side. As someone who lives near Denton and has been to the goatman's bridge multiple times, that shit ain't haunted LOL. The Buzzfeed Unsolvedseries has two focuses on true crime and supernatural, and while both can certainly be terrifying, they're both also hilarious due to the two hosts Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara. On this Wikipedia the language links are at the top of the page across from the article title. LocalWiki is a grassroots effort to collect, share and open the worlds local knowledge. Washburns body ended up on the ground below the bridge after he was either thrown off by the Klansmen or his body slipped from the noose. The first tragic legend claims that a successful African American goat farmer named Oscar Washburn was murdered by the Ku Klux Klan on the bridge in the 1930s. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. There is also another variation that predates the bridge itself. [1] [2] They hung a noose on Old Alton Bridge and, after securing it around his neck, threw him over the side. As they venture into the dark forest, Shane immediately starts yelling to any cult members in the forest that he's ready to join in and, hilariously, he saw their ad on Craigslist. Another variation of the legend holds that Goatman himself was an old hermit who lived in the woods and often could be seen walking alone at night along Fletchertown Road. Before the bridge became a magnet for ghost hunters, it was simply known as Old Alton Bridge. Rumor has it that the Old Alton Bridge is haunted by a half-goat demon with glowing red eyes and a loud snarl. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from thestaff@tvtropes.org. Inone of the first episodes that sees the boys traveling, they've been warned not to directly interact with ghouls or demons. Locally, the bridge is known as Goatman's Bridge, as it is said to be haunted by a half-man half-goat figure called Goatman. | Travelers to the Old Alton Bridge, built in 1884 as a busy thoroughfare, have long reported frightening encounters and ghostly experiences with supernatural creatures that have made it a legendary spot for Texas ghost hunters and a topic for numerous books. Winner will be selected at random on 04/01/2023. They waited until the time was right to strike, and on a dark night in August, 1938, they crossed the bridge without their headlights on. Built in 1884, by Shane Madej, it originally carried horses and later automobiles over Hickory Creek at a location that once was a popular ford for crossing cattle. Privacy Policy. According to Tuckers research into Dentons local lore, there was no person named Oscar Washburn living in the area around the time of his alleged murder, nor were there any reports of lynching. Let's revisit some of the funniest quotes from Shane from the series so far, get ready to laugh Buckaroos! I disrespect your bridge, Goatman. Shane stole a bridge from a demonic Goatman and danced on it. Cookie Notice In one of the first episodes that see Shane and Ryan travel to supernaturally haunted locations, Shane throws out this line. crafty.girls.life/InstagramAt least one witness claims that their friend was pulled off the bridge by an unknown entity. Some believe that Washburns spirit returned to the scene of his murder to seek revenge on his killers and has been haunting the bridge ever since. One of these figures is a man herding goats, another is an apparition holding a goat head underneath each arm. Shane can't resist taunting the demons and ghouls by lying down on the spot and screaming this iconic line. Visitors swear that there is something supernatural about the bridge, and the structure has consequently been featured in a number of paranormal investigation shows including the popular series Ghost Adventures. Find schedule and make requests by clicking here! I can't believe I returned to the "most haunted bridge" in Texas (and possibly America) by myself, alone, at night!! Except where otherwise noted, this content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Regardless of which origin gets told, old timers warn that knocking three times on the trusses of the bridge is an invitation to judgment, since the ghastly Goatman only spirits away those with the bloodlines of Klansmen or slaveowners into the woods for his terrible revenge. The quaint area also included the Hickory Creek Baptist Church, the Alton cemetery, a saloon, and a school. This pentagram is formed by ancient Ley Lines or Solstice Lines of Energy that cover North America. Shane Madej tends to serve up deadpan and outrageous humor as he continually taunts any possible ghouls or demons dwelling at haunted locations or teasing his co-host Ryan. One theory is that Goatman is the spirit of a goat farmer who was lynched by the Ku Klux Klan near the Old Alton Bridge. But the Hickory Creek that cuts through the land made transportation difficult, which led to the construction of a bridge by the King Iron Manufacturing Bridge Company in 1884. There have also been reports of sacrificial rituals performed in the woods nearby, which believers of the supernatural argue is the true cause of the Goatmans appearance. See. Natasha Ishak is a staff writer at All That's Interesting. Privacy Policy | The Goatman isnt just a haunting campfire tale, its also a reminder that an ignorance of our history is no protection from its everlasting consequences. The fact that Ryan finally slept in a demonic location during the Bellaire house episode. It has been reported that whenever a traveler would cross the bridge at night with their headlights off, they would meet the Goatman on the other side. The myth stems from a local ghost story about an African-American goat farmer named Oscar Washburn. It is haunted by the spirit Steve or ' Goatman ' but since Shane challenged Goatman and Goatman failed it is now property of Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara Ex: "Man, Ryan and Shane's Bridge sure is creepy." "legend says it's haunted by Goatman who is ruled by Shane and Ryan." " spooky " Goatman bridge shane graffiti; Kolter builder upgrades; Duplex for rent on lockwood; South tampa rental properties; Southgate townhomes for sale; Countdown To Christmas SALE. In the Ohio State Penitentiary episode, Ryan manages to goad Shane, who had spent the season so far attempting to respect the ghosts, into reverting to his old mannerisms, and the results are glorious. The Demon at Goatman's Bridge With fiery glowing red eyes, the Goatman stands on guard at the Old Alton Bridge. The Old Alton Bridge's nickname, Goatman's Bridge, originated from at least two eerie local legends. If youre brave, you can drive up to the bridge and honk your car horn twice at midnight. Could this be the spirit of La Llorona? Wikimedia CommonsBecause of the alleged goat-demon that haunts it, Goatmans bridge is a popular location for thrill-seekers and photographers. You're going to have to throw me off this bridge yourself! The paranormal Youtube show Buzzfeed Unsolveddid an episode on the legend of Goatmans Bridge in 2017. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Awesome/BuzzfeedUnsolved. Known as Old Alton Bridge or Goatmans Bridge, the humble wooden pass has earned its creepy moniker due to its unsavory past, which includes black magic and murder. "We're here for the cult stuff! Shane sayingthis line is a bit out of character, but when he says it, of course, it's dripping with sarcasm. Buzzfeed Unsolved: 10 Funniest Shane Madej Quotes, 10 Scariest Buzzfeed UnsolvedTrue Crime Episodes, Top 10 Buzzfeed Unsolved True Crime Episodes, 10 Scariest Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural Episodes, Top 10 Buzzfeed Unsolved Supernatural Episodes, Scream 6 Bringing Back Hayden Panetierres Kirby Confused Courteney Cox, Star Trek: Picard Season 3 Episode 3 Ending Explained, Tony Stark Is Becoming the IRON SHOGUN with New Samurai Armor & Swords. Many believe a demonic entity with the head of a goat haunts the bridge. In Parr Park, thousands of painted rocks line this walking trail. By Rachel Leishman Dec 25th, 2021, 11:45 am. Children will come here and tell tales of me!. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. You want me off this bridge you're gonna have to kill me. Then, Oscar made the biggest mistake of his life; he hung a sign on the bridge that advertised, this way to the Goatman.. Prior to the new bridge, it was necessary for motorists to signal with a car horn before crossing the single-lane span. A handful of states have a Goatman tale, with Texas having a few itself, but each expresses unique reminders of threats from a forgotten past. I really hope you ended up talking about scientific notation or something to appease the ancient demon that is Shane. [1], The creature was commonly claimed to have a human face but with a body covered in hair. He was popular in the community for being an honest businessman and producing quality goods. Others have claimed to hear sounds like hooves galloping on the bridge behind them and a growling voice ordering them to get off the bridge.. You wont find the names of Oscar Washburn or Jack Kendall in any historical records. Theme: Baskerville 2 by Anders Noren. According to urban legend, Goatman is a creature resembling a goat-human hybrid often credited with canine deaths and purported to take refuge in the woods of Prince George's County, Maryland, United States. While on the bridge, Madej goaded on the Goatman by exclaiming Goatman! Shane and Ryan are discussing the Sam and Marilyn Sheppardcase when both are confused as to what a witness was doingawake and alert enough at 4:00 a.m. to be able to see someone running from the Sheppard's house. Over the decades there have been numerous alleged sightings of a ghost-like apparition with a goat head haunting the area. Goatman Bridge is a nickname for Old Alton Bridge in Argyle, Texas. One more thing to add to the creepy factor here, is that Goatmans Bridge is right along the lines of the Pentagram of Blood. [2] This bridge is the subject of several ghostlore stories featuring a vengeful ghost. The terrifying encounters and reported vanishings have been so frequent as to warrant numerous investigations by paranormal groups. Back in The Day is an ongoing WDDI contribution from Shaun Treat, founder of the Denton Haunts historical ghost tour. After the witness ran away, their friend who had remained on Goatmans Bridge appeared to be dragged to the edge and thrown into the river by an unknown entity. Every few years, someone claims to have caught an image of Goatman wandering around the side of the road or in the woods. See Copyrights. The belief is based on the legend of a black goat farmer named Oscar Washburn, who was said to have moved his family to a residence just north of the bridge. With vehicle traffic removed, the bridge became an important link connecting the Elm Fork and Pilot Knoll Hiking and Equestrian Trails. Naturally, none of the ghost stories surrounding the bridge are based on any specific historical facts. But the success of a black man was still unwelcome to many, and, in August 1938, Klansmen in the local government crossed the bridge and kidnapped Washburn from his family. All rights reserved. While Shane is completely unphased and feels the need to poke fun at his friend. Love or hate the Hot Daga, the post mortem finales have fully fledged songs that Shane clearly works hard on, and he can actually sing. The series that they started on YouTube gave . Since that fateful night, strange things began to happen on and around the bridge. [1][3], As well, Goatman was rumored to reside in a makeshift shelter in the wooded region of northwestern Prince George's County near the vicinity of Bowie. Today, it is a popular location for nature enthusiasts and photographers. The name referred to the nearby town of Alton, which once occupied the area near the Goatmans Bridge and was supposedly populated by one resident for a time. These lines are also referred to as the Five Lines of Death, where pretty much every major loss of life event in North America has happened in the past twenty years. It's one of the most iconic quotes of the series and deserves its spot at the top. Im dancing on your bridge. Museum of Natural and Artificial Ephemerata. In the Pennhurst Asylum episode, Ryan actually manages to have a conversation through the spirit box. There are many Denton ghosts New American Funding is an all-inclusive direct mortgage lender, and servicer offering a variety of home loans including Conventional, FHA, VA, Jumbo and many more. If youre looking to scope out a spooky spot during the Halloween season, Old Alton Bridge just might be the place to be. Numerous reports tell of unholy glowing eyes that burn red from the darkness, eerie glimpses of a large snarling Goat-headed man-beast stomping in the wooded shadows, or a frightening apparition of a maniacal Satyr carrying the heads of goats or humans in his hands. The panicked Klansmen frantically searched the area unsuccessfully before rushing to Washburns shanty, setting it afire with the Goatmans family shrieking inside, perhaps to bait a desperate rescue attempt by the vanished Oscar. He has found a female companion who wanders the area, searching for her lost baby. Scan this QR code to download the app now. Library of Congress/Historic American Engineering Record Goatmans Bridge has been the subject of investigations on popular supernatural shows like Buzzfeed Unsolved: Supernatural and Ghost Adventures. It's the Shane and Ryan . In the True Crime episode on Marilyn and Sam Sheppard, they both get sick pretty fast of F Lee Bailey, who decided on not much evidence that Marilyn's murder could only be committed by another woman. This article is about the Maryland creature. Its my bridge now! and Theyre gonna put my name in graffiti! For more information, please see our This creature has large glowing red eyes, and large goat-like horns. The Demonic Goatman's Bridge Episode aired Nov 3, 2017 22 m IMDb RATING 8.6 /10 78 YOUR RATING Rate Adventure Comedy Horror Does a demonic entity actually reside near Alton Bridge in Texas? Washburn was never seen again. Some locals have claimed to see glowing eyes staring at them on the bridge, while others have claimed to hear splashing in the creek directly below, followed by unsettling laughter. In an account that may go back as far as the 1860s Texas Troubles, some Copper Canyon cowboys lynched a Creole slave goat-herder named Jack Kendall from a tall creekside tree near where the bridge now stands, but ineptitude separated the runaway slaves head from his body. Did I capture any paranormal activity. Now that Alton is gone, it serves as a footpath connecting Denton and Copper Canyon. Sadly, he was less popular among the Klansmen in the area. Liminal areas of crossing can be full of possibility and danger, present injustices are informed by past prejudices, and there are critters like snakes or gators down in the creek that younguns might outta be leery of. Shane lying on a pentagram, asking a ghoul or demon to kill him, and screaming rock and roll, Buckaroo sums up his typical demeanor on the show. They're discussing Elizabeth Short moving to Los Angeles in hopes of stardom and Ryan brings up that Shane did the same move fromto L.A. with the same hopes.