Luckily, there are many solutions on the internet and you can replace the fans on a 3D printer yourself. This item:Voxelab Aquila X2 3D Printer with Full Alloy Frame, Removable Build Surface Plate, Fully Open Source, Resume Printing, Filaments Detection and Auto Filaments Feed/Return Function. It is worth noting that the cheap 3D printer comes with comprehensive instructions in English. In Scale, you can tweak X, Y, and Z dimensions in mm or per cent. Please include details about the problem, including photos or video of any visual damage. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. Theres even a pre-compiled firmware for people who are looking to install a BLTouch, making the whole process easier. This trick I taught myself and it works magical u can save a lot of material by doing this and end up sanding less material off potentially at the end to get a final touch up with the sand paper. (. The Voxelab Aquila 3D printer price sounds rather pleasant, especially when compared to competitors. Neat! The nozzle diameter is 0.4mm, a standard size well-familiar to many 3D printing enthusiasts. This is one toy I will never get sick of EVER AND I THANK THE ENGINEERS WHO DESIGNED THESE PRINTERS MY NEW FAVORITE IS THE NYLON PULSE XE cant wait to get ahold of that baby also looking at a prusa with some upgrades well see Anyone got any input on either printer!? Thank you. In Rotate, you can set the X, Y, Z object rotation degrees and preset the model rotation by 90 degrees clockwise or counterclockwise. In Move, you can set the X, Y, Z position and choose to place the object on the platform or centre it in the middle of the bed. Its also worth noting that there is no bed insulation material underneath the bed. Yes, BL touch is officially supported. We recommend sign up as a member to purchase considering of following benefits: 2. Step two :Go to the product page you want to order, selectShipping Countryand corresponding attributes, then clickBuy Nowbutton orAdd to Cartbutton if you want to combine shipping for several items. It is a sturdy machine built with well-established technologies and offered at an unbeatable price, $100 cheaper than Ender 3 V2. WebHow to Level Your Bed on Your Voxelab Aquila 3D Printer. We continued testing the affordable Voxelab Aquila DIY 3D printer for this review. The bed has been set to 60C and I waited 2 minutes after reaching that temperature for the temperature to stabilize. Express company: Orders placed in our official online store will be shipped by FedEx, UPS, DHL, or USPS, which depends on the destination country. You can still pay using a Debit or Credit Card through PayPal, no PayPal account required. LINKS:Download Cura here: Voxelab Aquila PLA Profile: Aquila 3DPrinteron Official Website: designs and product suggestions: 14 56 56 comments Best Add a Comment brownboyct 2 yr. ago Ik this is not your awnser but, how the hell did u add the voxelab profile/ printer in cura, does it add as a profile or printer? I tweaked the PLA profile further and started this awesome Cyberpunk model from Thingiverse. In View, you can set the view to top, bottom, left, right, front or back. I had no clue the pic would be on the SD card also. e.g., neighbors, family members, etc. Also, there are buttons for cutting the 3D printing objects, selecting your printer, choosing the nozzle diameter (0.4mm or 0.6mm), etc. 2: Turn down the retraction length. It upsets and annoys us, but this issue is not related to G-code or Slicer. The Print tab allows 3D printing objects. That's what mine took. It is easy to set up your preferences, select your preferred language from a list of many supported languages, choose a Basic or Expert Mode, etc. Ah ok so its normal then, expected a little less time. You must follow each step in the guidelines, tighten all the bolts and guide rollers as indicated in the manual. You can connect your printer to a computer and use the Print button to begin the printing process. I highly recommend this printer for beginners or print farms. WebVoxelab Aquila: Provided test files print beautifully, my files wont stick to printer bed. LOL, Press J to jump to the feed. It could be so much better if Voxelab Aquila 3D printer manufacturers packed all the bolts and nuts into numbered bags and included a video instruction on the flash drive. If there are problems that cannot be solved during use, please contact our aftersales team:, they will help you. Also I am ordering another they are worth it. The affordable 3D printer is positioned as a DIY machine. Slicing software supported: ChiTuBox and VoxelPrint. This cheap 3D printer does not come with perfect configurations straight from the factory. Using the pre-saved files, you can 3D print a toolbox and a new filament spool holder for your comfort. At the same time, it represents a bird that carried thunderbolts thrown down to Earth by Zeus. Yes,you can contact us, kindly note your expected items, quantity and other related information. It could be the problems with airflow or retraction itself. Ensures excellent first-layer printing and easy model removal. I started on my first Aquila with the sample filament and realized there wasnt enough to complete it (Id already used half already). You can modify things like layer heights (or adaptive layers) to shave We will get back to you as soon as possible. We can divide the VoxelMaker Slicer into four main parts: You can see the File tab in the top menu with many options: All these are standard features offered by 3D slicers. Thus, it is vital to read reviews of different devices to find your best cheap 3D printer. Step5: Insert the TF card into a 3D printer. The glass print surface is held in place with only two metallic clips and while this can work well in keeping the glass surface unconstrained, its not the best for larger prints which take more space on the printer bed. I was able to easily level the bed and start printing with close to no effort. It is incredible because some more expensive 3D printers lack this. You will receive another email when your order has shipped. We cannot modifyyour order after it is shipped. I tested the temperature uniformity for the Voxelab Aquila bed with the Flir Camera installed on theCAT S62 Pro. Slow trucking perhaps causes the speed is out of sync. You can always low the speed, print the airflow, replace the coolers, adjust the settings and share your stunning 3D printed results with Gambody 3D Printing Community on Facebook. Sure, there were some issues with the unit I got, but hopefully these issues are an isolated incident and this will not happen in the future. In Cut, you can cut the model in half by setting the cut plane. place the downloaded document of xx.bin form into the firmware folder. The View allows managing the objects view. WebVoxelab Aquila C2 FDM 3D Printer US$ 165.00 US$ 209.00 You Save: US$ 44.00 Super economical choice for the amazing capacity. Please leveling the plate again. LOL, Press J to jump to the feed. Its cheaper and it offers decent print quality without breaking the bank. 3DPrintSOS 12.7K subscribers 1.6K 61K views 2 years ago So you got a new Ender style printer and finished assembling it? It is probably not the best option for printing highly detailed miniatures. Currently, the Voxelab Aquila can be easily updated to a more recent firmware version by using the pre-compiled packages available on their website. You can find a new Aquila machine for $199, $179 and even $150 when on sale. Any ideas why? We 3D printed a cube with a wall thickness equal to one layer and measured its walls. If you havent done so already, consider downloading another slicer and play with the settings. WebVoxelab Aquila X2 Detailed Introduction 5-Minute Quick Heating Glass build plate heated up to 60 in 3 minutes and 110 within 5 minutes. 2: Adjust the transmitting ratio. Europe: United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Belgium, Netherlands, Poland, Latvia, Sweden, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Denmark, Portugal. After I removed the filament and cleaned the hotend, I never encountered any clogs. Please contact your local express company to change your address. Aquila D1 Open Source Code | Linear Guides From US$ 399.00 Using Load you can upload files of different formats, including .STL, .OBJ, .GCode, .PNG, .JPG, .VFP and others. These profiles are tuned for the stock printer and worked well for me. I have had zero problems with the Aquila. Just wanted to say that my Voxelab Aquila has a 256K CPU thats a STM32 KNOCKOFF. Because the power supply is installed in a metal enclosure, the temperature inside it will rise quite fast, and this makes the fan run almost continuously. I tested the heating time for both hotend and heat bed and here are the results: Idle power draw is around9W. If your order has not been shipped, we can change the address for you; if your order has been shipped, we cannot guarantee that the address can be changed successfully. (Please note that we do not support credit card payment at the moment, but you can authorize credit card payment through PayPal.). You can follow this video from 3DPrintSOS where the upgrade process is described in detail. I usually just use gyroid which should be faster and also more anisotropic. But you can have so many great moments while recreating statues and large scale models of your favourite movie, video game and comics characters. The printer definitely has some more speed available. The Voxelab Aquila S2 comes well-packed in the box in a partially assembled state. In our 3D printing laboratory, this cheap 3D printer is the noisiest one, and it is a real problem. If you want to modify the model of the machine. We recommend you use glue to increase the stickiness. The low-cost 3D printer comes disassembled. I needed to grease it before installation, to ensure smooth movement during printing, so I hope Voxelab wont skip this step in the future. Please enjoy the photos of a 3D printed robot! You might miss the touch probe sensor, but years of experience will show you that the BLTouch sensor has more problems than benefits. Add To Cart Buy Now Slow trucking perhaps causes the speed is out of sync. While the model looks fine from a distance, if we look closely, we can see some inconsistent layers and Z banding on the external walls even though I greased the lead screw. As you can see in the images below it managed to print it really well, without any notable print issues. as soon as possible. Download from, 1: Make sure to use the same TF card before and after the outage. It looks sturdy and should print well, without dangling or vibrating. Continuing the assembly, I also noticed that the Z motor connector was also damaged. The Aquila is one of the many Voxelab machines marketed as easy operation, efficient, reliable and cheap 3D printers. Finally, I printed the Steampunk Octopus to test the bed adhesion and retractions. I also had issues with the top cover of the model clicking in place, which leads me to think that the PETG accuracy is not that great. This screen, being non-touch-sensitive, has a longer mechanical life and is a perfect solution for saving processor resources. All the links were printed with no issues and retraction worked well. The printer comes in a compact cardboard box, with foam protection on all sides and it should be well protected against damage during shipping. While the article includes affiliate links, all opinions are my own. The Voxelab Aquila (Aquila is Latin for eagle) is an entry-level 3D printer that retails for around $239. Print Models Freely Aquila X2 allows you to 3d print teeny-tiny parts to big projects up to 220*220*250mm volume, all with a high success rate. Special promo offers for members only. Read more about this in the Review Guidelines. [Resin Printers] Do you offer free resin for 3d printer customers? This allows you to remove the glass plate if needed (for cleanup or for model removal). Is this printer better than the ender 3 v2? Please check accessories on this page. The Voxelab Aquila uses a proprietary 32-bit board with silent stepper drivers. Voxelab Aquila Design. I never attempted it further. You can find a new Aquila machine for $199, $179 and even $150 when on sale. 5: Make sure the operating environment temperature is lower than 30. When the printing takes a day or more, it will upset you to see a damaged 3D print in the end because the first layers did not adhere well. You will be able to use some of the Ender 3 upgrades currently available, and you can even upgrade the Aquila with the money saved during purchase. If the logistics track has not been updated after 7 days, please contact us, We might have divided your order into several packages. This way, we calibrated the stepper motors. I did tighten a the vwheel under the build plate. How to deal with problems during product use. Both registered members and visitors can order 3d printers. As you might expect, the Voxelab Aquila looks just like any budget 3D printer build on the Ender 3 design. Well, the answer is simple. There isnt a notable difference between the Aquila and the Ender 3 V2 other than price when it comes to specs. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. I never completely printed it out. 1: wire feeder is adjusted too tight and extrudes the filament. But they are still using the SAME firmware on it. Still, Aquila is ready to print right after assembly. WebOfficial Voxelab store | Voxelab 3D printers and 3D printing service - Voxelab3dp Aquila D1 Open Source Code | Linear Guides From US$ 399.00 Buy Proxima 6.0 4K 4K Mono Screen | High Print Speed From US$ 149.00 Buy New Arrival Voxelab new products improve your 3D printing experience. So, we already know that Aquila name is pleasant to the ear, and we will soon figure out how this machine prints.